Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills

Top 11 Best Male Enhancement Pills: 2020 Rankings Research Review

Male enhancement supplements can change your life. No matter what aspect of your sexual performance you’re trying to improve, a supplement may be able to help.

Thanks to technology, male performance products are better in 2020 than they’ve ever been before.

Today’s supplements are packed with more ingredients and supported by more science than ever.

That means real results and real improvements.

There’s just one problem: the internet is a cesspool for poor-quality sexual health ‘pick-me-ups'.

Don’t believe me? Spend a few minutes Googling any terms related to pen.. (or we'll just call it male-member) enlargement pills or sexual enhancement supplements. It’s a mess. There are thousands of low-quality products that over-promise and under-deliver while charging absurd prices.

We want to help. Our editorial team (which includes both men and women) sat down this week to compile the best ME supplements of 2020.


Here are the best male enhancement pills available in 2020.

VigRX Plus

The use of male enhancement pills can help men to beat the natural inhibitors that they face from aging, and VigRX Plus is created to help with that matter. According to their official website, the formula is designed to help consumers to improve their erections for both the user and their partner. However, for the user specifically, expect to see more control over these erections, despite the boost to the libido and their sexual desire. Orgasms can become more intense and even more frequent without having to stop.

The formula for VigRX Plus is made up of many potent hormone boosters and even aphrodisiacs, including:

  • Damiana, which promotes blood flow and enhances the user’s nerve impulses
  • Horny goat weed, which has antioxidants and promotes the movement of nitric oxide through the body
  • Asian red ginseng, which improves sexual pleasure
  • Muira puama bark extract, which has been used by men for centuries to increase sexual desire
  • Hawthorn berry, to promote sexual health and stimulate blood flow
  • Catuaba bark extract, to increase the libido, promote better sleep and reduce fatigue
  • Saw palmetto, to treat sexual inadequacy
  • Ginkgo biloba, to promote blood flow and improve erection quality
  • Bioperine, which increases the bioavailability of all of the ingredients

With these ingredients, the body’s nitric oxide levels rise to relax the muscle tissue in the corpus cavernosa to improve blood flow for a fuller, thicker, and longer-lasting erection. Ensuring that this product works in the way that it was advertised, VigRX Plus was part of a clinical study that examined the effects of the supplement on a total of 75 male volunteers – ages 25 to 50 – over the course of just under three months.

After the 84 days of following the regimen, the study discovered that 58.97% of the users managed to increase their success in penetration. Satisfaction in sexual interactions increased by over 71% and just under half of the participants stated that they experienced a boost in their sex drive. The full results of the study were recorded in a 56-page report, which can be viewed here.

To get the advertised effect, users are instructed to just take a single pill with each dose but need to take two doses each day to get the maximum absorption for ingredients. Plus, the dosing throughout the day ensures that the user can get into action at a moment’s notice from the ongoing support. There’s no need for a prescription, which means that this product can be taken inconspicuously for natural improvements in the user’s sex life.

Consumers can purchase a one-month supply of the VigRX Plus formula from the official website for $69, though they will get special discounts for offering multiple packages in the same order. The company offers a money-back guarantee with 67 days of purchase, in the event that this product doesn’t meet their needs. However, if there are any questions, the customer service team can be reached by calling 1-866-621-6886.

Prime Labs Prime Test

Prime Test from Prime Labs is one of Amazon’s bestselling testosterone booster supplements year after year. It’s surprisingly affordable ($20 for 30 servings) and contains a huge formula of proven ingredients. It’s not the most powerful testosterone booster on the market, nor does it have the most supercharged ingredients. However, it remains one of the most popular formulas for offering great value for men looking to achieve all types of sexual performance goals.

One of the best parts about Prime Test, of course, is that it’s not strictly a sexual performance supplement. Nobody is going to judge you if they open your cupboard and see “Prime Test”. It’s even a great choice if you’re not getting laid: at worst, you’re getting a great performance booster in the gym.

Nature’s Craft Horny Goat Weed Herbal Complex

Nature’s Craft Horny Goat Weed supplement is another Amazon bestseller. It doesn’t look like anything special: it comes in a basic bottle just like every other male enhancement pill on the internet. What this supplement lacks in flash, however, it makes up in quality. Nature’s Craft has packed a substantial dose of horny goat weed into one convenient, affordable pill ($20 for 30 servings).

If you believe in the power of horny goat weed, then this may be the supplement for you. There’s 1000mg of horny goat weed extract in each serving. To boost the effects even further, there’s also 250mg of maca root powder, 100mg of saw palmetto berry powder, and a dozen other proven ingredients.

Don’t let the simple packaging fool you: Nature’s Craft Horny Goat Weed herbal complex extract is one of the best male boosting pills on the internet today. We’ll talk about the specific scientific benefits of horny goat weed below, but suffice to say it’s one of the more proven herbal extracts for treating erectile dysfunction.

Mr. Thick

Mr. Thick is one of the most recognizable male enhancement supplement brands on the internet today. Mr. Thick has the most memorable name on this list, but it also has a powerful, affordable formula ($20 for 30 servings).

Key ingredients in Mr. Thick include all of the ingredients men with erectile dysfunction and other sexual performance issues desperately need, including 50mg of zinc (333% of your Daily Value), 500mg of tongkat ali root powder, 250mg of maca root, and 838mg of a proprietary herbal blend filled with everything from pumpkin extract to cayenne.

If you’re the type of person who wants to throw every ingredient at the wall and see what works for you, then Mr. Thick might be the right choice. It has strong doses of a handful of ingredients (like zinc), but it also has smaller doses of dozens of proven male performance boosting ingredients. There’s a reason Mr. Thick is one of the most popular male enhancement products on Amazon.

Pure Micronutrients Male Libido Plus

Pure Micronutrients makes unique claims compared to other formulas on this list. It claims to “balance hormones” while improving your energy and focus: so it claims to do much more than just give you a bigger erection and better sex drive.

Priced at $22 for 90 capsules (30 servings), Male Libido Plus has similar value to many of the top formulas on this list. It also contains moderate dosages of a handful of proven ingredients, including 250mg of Catuaba powder, 250mg of horny goat weed extract, 250mg of maca root powder, and 250mg of tribulus terrestris powder. There’s also 500mg of L-Arginine, which may help widen your blood vessels by enhancing nitric oxide production.

Overall, the Pure Micronutrients Male Libido Plus formula isn’t particularly special, but it still offers good value and good ingredients while maintaining a reasonable price tag.

Dr. Emil's Goliath Concrete Cowboy

Along with “Dr. Thick”, “Concrete Cowboy” is one of the most marketable and recognizable names on this list. Made by Goliath by Dr. Emil, this male performance supplement packages a handful of proven ingredients into 60 vegetable capsules.

Key active ingredients inside Concrete Cowboy include 50mg of zinc, 400mg of tongkat ali, and 250mg of maca root extract. There’s also 745mg of a proprietary blend containing all of the ingredients you would expect to see in a male enhancement pill (pumpkin seed), sarsaparilla root extract, and cayenne, among others).

Concrete Cowboy is priced at $29 for 30 servings (60 tablets), which is competitive compared to most other options on this list. It also has excellent reviews on Amazon (4.3 stars out of 5 with 200+ reviews), with 70% of reviewers giving it a 5-star rating. Plus, Goliath by Dr. Emil markets Concrete as not only a “libido and testosterone booster” but also as muscle growth and endurance formula, which could make it the right choice for anyone looking to raise energy for any reason – outside of the bedroom.

boostUltimate Testosterone Booster Pills

boostUltimate labels its male boosting supplement as “energy and enhancement for men”. Like other medium-quality male enhancement supplements on this list, boostUltimate’s pill comes with mysterious ingredient dosages and confident-but-unproven claims. The only thing that boostUltimate does have going for it is its price: at just $18, it’s significantly cheaper than other low-quality options on our list despite offering nearly identical ingredients.

Key ingredients in boostUltimate’s formula include 400mg of tongkat ali, 250mg of maca root extract, and 745mg of a proprietary blend containing pumpkin seed powder, sarsaparilla extract, and other ingredients.

Overall, boostUltimate doesn’t have anything special to differentiate itself from the other lower-quality formulas on this list except its price tag: supplements like Go On Red, Adam’s Secret, Cilexin, and Male Extract are charging $60+ per bottle for these ingredients, while boostUltimate has the same ingredients for under $20.

Herbal Youth Alpha Male Enhancement

Herbal Youth’s Alpha Male Enhancement is one of Amazon’s bestselling testosterone boosting supplements. Priced at just $12 for 30 servings (60 capsules), it’s also one of the most affordable sexual health supplements on our list.

In terms of ingredients, Alpha Male Enhancement punches above its ingredient list. There’s 250mg of ginseng, 250mg of tongkat ali, and 100mg of ginkgo biloba, for example, along with 25mg doses of cinnamon, black pepper extract, and capsicum, among other formulas. None of these dosages are particularly high, but they may be able to support healthy sex drive while improving sexual performance.

If you want to dip your toes into the sexual health supplement industry without breaking the bank, then Alpha Male Enhancement is one solid option.

Nobi Nutrition Ultimate Male Enhancement

Nobi Nutrition’s Ultimate Male Enhancement supplement doesn’t just claim to contain horny goat weed, it claims to contain the horniest goat weed. This supplement also promises to boost your stamina, energy, and libido with just two simple capsules per serving.

Like many other supplements on this list, Nobi Nutrition’s Ultimate packages most of its active ingredients into a proprietary blend, which makes us skeptical about individual dosages. We know that this supplement contains 1000mg of maca root powder, tribulus terrestris extract, horny goat weed extract, and zinc oxide, although we don’t know the individual dosages of any ingredient.

If the proprietary formula doesn’t bother you, then you might appreciate the price of Ultimate Male Enhancement. At just $19 per bottle (60 capsules / 30 servings per bottle), Ultimate has similar value to the top supplements on our list.

Modern Man Nitric Enhancement

Modern Man’s Nitric Enhancement is a popular male sexual performance supplement on Amazon that promises to boost sexual performance simply by raising your nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is the molecule in your blood that works as a vasodilator, widening your blood vessels and making it easier for blood to flow through.

The main drawback of Nitric Enhancement is its weak ingredient profile. For a formula that claims to “enhance” nitric oxide production, Nitric Enhancement has few ingredients that seem to work as advertised. There are no amino acids that raise nitric oxide production, for example, nor are there the same ingredients you find in pre-workout formulas. There aren’t even proven ingredients like beetroot. Instead, Nitric Enhancement simply has 50mg of green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, turmeric, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli, and kale, along with 100mg of horny goat weed extract, 100mg of maca root extract, and 3mg of yohimbine HCl. That’s like half a dose (or less) than most other supplements on our list.

Overall, Modern Man uses the right ingredients, but the ingredients seem too weak to have much of the desired effect. If you can get it on sale at a good price, however, then Nitric Enhancement might do the job – just don’t expect it to work miracles.

Go On Red

Go On Red is yet another bestselling male enhancement supplement on Amazon. However, it’s also one of the priciest options on this list. Each package, priced at $30, contains just ten servings (ten capsules). Each capsule contains decent doses of a handful of proven ingredients (forskolin, tribulus terrestris, and horny goat weed extract, among others), although the doses are nowhere near what you find in the products listed above.

So why is Go On Red so popular? Well, the supplement claims that each pill lasts four days. We can’t find any evidence to support that claim, and Go On Red doesn’t provide any clinical studies to back that claim up. However, some of Go On Red’s biggest supporters online claim they only need to take one pill every four days.

Overall, Go On Red works best if you get it on sale. If not, this formula simply doesn’t offer the same value as the top-selling male enhancement pills on our list. It’s not bad, but at the price you’re paying, you expect higher doses of the proven ingredients.

Adam’s Secret

Adam’s Secret is so similar to Go On Red that we shouldn’t even include it on this list. The supplement comes in similar packaging (10 pills per package), makes similar claims (“lasts for four days”), and is similarly priced ($30 for 10 pills).

It’s not surprising to see similar products in the male enhancement supplement industry: many of these pills rebrand themselves year after year. As of January 2020, however, both Adam’s Secret and Go On Red are labeled as separate products on Amazon.


Cilexin’s packaging looks unusual: at first glance, you’d think Cilexin is a prescription drug instead of a health supplement. Awkward packaging aside, however, Cilexin offers a small dose of male boosting ingredients at a higher price than virtually anything else on this list.

Despite the high price tag and low dosages, Cilexin remains unusually popular among male enhancing product reviewers online. You pay $40 for 60 capsules (30 servings) of Cilexin, yet you can’t even see the dosages of most ingredients. They’re hidden inside a proprietary formula.

Overall, you should be skeptical of any male enhancement supplement guide you read that promotes Cilexin. It’s overpriced, under-dosed, and lacks transparency. That’s why it’s at the bottom of our list.

Male Extra

Male Extra has the type of slogan you would expect to read on a male performance supplement: “bigger, harder, longer”. Just like Cilexin above, Male Extra is frequently promoted by low-quality supplement review websites online.

Overall, Male Extra is overpriced and underdosed. It’s unlikely to give you the type of benefits you’re looking for. Despite confident claims of “recharging your sex life” and “increasing your bedroom confidence”, we see little reason that the ingredients in Male Extra will do any of that.

We haven’t even got to the price of Male Extra yet: Male Extra is priced at a ridiculous $65 per bottle (30 servings / 1 month supply). That makes Male Extra the second most expensive supplement on this list – which is surprising given that it’s also the worst-quality supplement on our list. Don’t fall for promotional offers that drop the price to “only” $30 or $40 per bottle: based on the ingredients and comparable supplements on Amazon, Male Extra isn’t worth more than $10 per bottle.


Viasil is made by a company called Swiss Research Labs, which sounds a lot more legitimate than it actually is. In reality, Swiss Research Labs is a Cyprus-registered company with no apparent connection to any scientific laboratory in Switzerland.

The formula claims to be 100% natural while providing fast results with “no side effects”. But what’s actually in it? That’s where Viasil gets vague: the supplement claims to contain 850mg of sexual enhancement ingredients, although we don’t know the specific dosages of any ingredients. We know there’s some amount of horny goat weed, zinc, citrus sinensis, and gingko biloba, for example, although we don’t know the individual dosages for any of the ingredients.

The biggest problem we have with Viasil is the price: at over $70 for 10 tablets, it’s the most expensive supplement on this list by far despite being the one with the worst ingredients. Overall, there’s little reason to love Viasil. Again, if you see it on any list of the “best male enhancement supplements”, it’s likely that someone is being paid a substantial amount of money to support Viasil.

How We Ranked

We used dozens of factors to compile the rankings below. Here are some of the most important factors we looked at when comparing different male sexual enhancement pills:

Ingredients: There are genuine, proven ingredients that enhance the male libido, boost circulation, and raise sexual performance. There are also over-hyped, under-proven ingredients that have no proven benefits. First and most importantly, we looked at the ingredients of male enhancement boosters to ensure they were proven to be valuable.

Dosages: Some of the supplements above contained the right ingredients but insufficient dosages. It’s easy to add good ingredients to your formula, but it’s harder to add good ingredients at dosages that are proven to be effective.

Price and Value: Sure, you could spend $200 on pills and enjoy beneficial effects, but that would put the supplement out of reach of the average person. We tried to include a range of supplements for all budgets. Whether you’re rich or poor, you should be able to find a product that works for you.

Proven Benefits: Some ingredients – like horny goat weed and maca root – have legitimate, proven benefits in multiple high-quality studies. Other ingredients seem to work but have few proven benefits. We emphasized supplements that used as many high-quality, proven ingredients as possible. We especially emphasized male sex pills that contained the most proven ingredients like zinc, horny goat weed, Tongkat Ali, maca, and L-arginine.

Advertised Benefits: Some health boosters for men manufacturers go overboard on their advertised benefits. They claim to increase the length of your penis, for example or make you last four hours in bed. In reality, there’s no proven way to (permanently) enhance the length of your male-member with a supplement, so don’t believe any supplement that tells you otherwise.

Customer Reviews: The male enlargement pills industry is filled with fake customer reviews and shady affiliates. We analyzed customer reviews for all of the supplements listed above while also being extremely wary of everything we read online. Many of the lowest-quality products on our list, for example, had amazing reviews online from people that seemed obviously fake.

Label Transparency: Not all supplements have transparent labels. With some supplements, it’s difficult to see what’s in the formula. Many supplements package ingredients into a “proprietary blend”, for example, which makes it impossible to see the dosage of any individual ingredient. We emphasized sexual health boosters with strong label transparency.

Side Effects: Nobody wants to experience nasty side effects after taking a supplement. We emphasized sexual health-boosting supplements with no side effects.

We analyzed all of these factors while compiling the rankings above.

Who Should Take a Male Enhancement Supplement?

There are plenty of reasons to take pills to boost your manhood.

Yes, there are obvious benefits – like better erections and improved sexual performance. However, there are also plenty of secondary benefits – like improved athletic performance, higher testosterone levels, and an overall better feeling of ‘manliness’.

To start, most male enhancement pills advertise the benefits you would expect: longer-lasting sex, easier erections, and improved performance in the bedroom. None of these benefits are outlandish: multiple studies have observed these benefits in all types of ingredients.

Other male enhancers are used to boost testosterone levels. Testosterone is associated with higher sex drive, greater strength gains, and other benefits that are desirable to many men.

Remember: testosterone levels naturally decline with age. When you reach 30, your testosterone levels are already starting to decline. By the time you hit 40, your testosterone levels have dropped as much as half. They continue to drop as you get older.

Finally, some people take boosters for the benefits outside of the bedroom. Many testosterone boosters and nitric oxide supplements, for example, are advertised as pre-workout or bodybuilding supplements instead of male performance supplements.

Whether you’re looking for improved sexual performance, better bodybuilding gains, or a stronger overall feeling of manliness, male enhancement products may be the right choice for you.

Benefits of Male Enhancement Pills

Male sexual health supplements make plenty of bold claims. But are any of these bold claims backed by real scientific evidence? Or are these boosters for men just a bunch of over-hyped, over-priced, under-performing formulas?

You may be surprised to learn that male enhancers are backed by plenty of evidence. There have been thousands of studies involving maca root, capsaicin, amino acids, and more. These studies have shown that certain ingredients have a proven ability to improve certain aspects of male sexual performance.

First, many of the products above contain potassium, which has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for sexual function. Modern studies have backed up this effect, showing that potassium can have a powerful impact on blood pressure, making it easier to get and maintain an erection and improve sexual performance.

This 1997 study, for example, summarized the results of 33 random control trials on potassium. Researchers found that groups taking potassium supplements reduced diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels.

Other studies have reinforced the cardiovascular benefits of potassium, showing that potassium can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow, among other benefits. All of these effects may significantly improve sexual health.

Capsaicin is another common ingredient in the male enhancement pills listed above. Capsaicin is a molecule in chilis, peppers, and other spicy foods. Studies have shown that capsaicin can increase blood flow, reduce hypertension (high blood pressure), and decrease inflammation, all of which can significantly improve sexual performance.

There have been several notable studies showing that spicy food can enhance blood flow. This study, for example, described how chilies can be used “as food, spice, and medicine”, while this study praised capsaicin for its potential ability to treat autoimmune disorders.

Meanwhile, in this study published by Chinese researchers in October 2017, researchers found that spicy food could offset the negative effects of a salty diet. Many people have a naturally high-sodium diet, and that diet can lead to high blood pressure. By incorporating spicy foods into your diet, you may be able to offset the negative cardiovascular effects of a high-salt diet.

Why are we focusing so much on high blood pressure? Well, a significant amount of erectile dysfunction is associated with high blood pressure. This study, for example, found that 47% of males with erectile dysfunction have high blood pressure.

Many of the most popular male enlargement supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have demonstrated some surprising benefits for treating sexual dysfunction. One study from 2000, for example, gave participants who had large artery endothelial dysfunction four grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day. When checking in with this group after four months, researchers saw significant improvement in cardiovascular activity.

In other words, omega-3 fatty acids significantly improved cardiovascular outcomes in an at-risk group. It’s possible that by taking omega-3 fatty acids today, you can improve blood flow and boost sexual performance.

Another study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology in 2006 reinforced the idea that omega-3 fatty acids can improve blood flow. The 2006 study, for example, showed that participants can improve blood pressure, heart rate, brachial artery diameter, and blood flow by taking two omega-3 fatty acids (docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)). Participants took 2g of DHA and 3g of EPA per day and experienced significant improvements in cardiovascular health.

What about onions? A handful of boosters contain onion extract. Onions have proven antithrombotic effects, which means they prevent blood clots from forming. In a 2001 review published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that onions inhibited platelet formation and response, improving blood flow and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders, which can also mean improved sexual health in the bedroom for men.

The cardiovascular system-boosting effects of onions were reinforced in this study on rats. The study found rats that consumed raw onion had antithrombotic effects.

We also see plenty of vitamins in the male enhancement supplements above. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is particularly popular, and certain studies have shown it can improve sexual performance – although not necessarily in the ways you think. This study published in the Journal of Evidence-based Integrative Medicine, for example, summarized how vitamin B1 can improve neural pathways and function, possibly improving the function and sexual response. Vitamin B1 is crucial for the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters. It also reduces oxidative stress. All of these effects may impact sexual performance.

Now let’s talk about nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is found in pre-workout supplements and male enhancement pills. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, making it easier for blood to flow through. That means improved muscle performance in the gym – and improved sexual performance in the bedroom.

Your body produces nitric oxide naturally. However, some supplements may raise nitric oxide levels in your body. L-citrulline, for example, is an amino acid that increases nitric acid in the body, which your body can then synthesize to create nitric oxide.

In fact, one study from 2011 specifically examined the link between nitric oxide and sexual performance in men. In this study, participants with a history of erectile dysfunction took 1.5 grams of L-citrulline per day, then experienced improved erection hardness. Researchers also praised L-citrulline for being safe to use and tolerable with few side effects.

Many other studies have supported the cardiovascular-boosting properties of nitric oxide. This study from 2017 specifically linked low nitric oxide levels with erectile dysfunction. By raising nitric oxide levels with more amino acids, men were able to significantly improve sexual performance.

L-arginine also appears to widen blood vessels in a significant way. L-arginine can reduce blood pressure, treat erectile dysfunction, reduce inflammation in the gut, manage blood sugar levels, and treat various cardiovascular symptoms. It’s an amino acid that’s found naturally in certain foods, although it’s also common in bodybuilding supplements and sexual health supplements.

Take a look at the ingredient labels above and you’ll find maca in almost all of them. Maca has been considered a libido stimulant for centuries, and its usage dates back to ancient times. Today, modern studies have reinforced the benefits of maca. This 2008 study, for example, showed that maca could improve libido and reduce sexual dysfunction. The women who participated in the study had sexual dysfunction associated with low levels of serotonin. Researchers gave the women either a low dose of maca (1.5g) or a high dose (3g), then witnessed significant improvements. Researchers found that the women’s libido and sexual performance was not only significantly improved, but that maca was also well-tolerated by all participants.

Herbal extracts like ashwagandha have traditionally been used to treat erectile dysfunction. In fact, the use of ashwagandha as herbal medicine goes back centuries: ashwagandha plays an important role in the ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine system dating back thousands of years. Today, studies have shown that ashwagandha can reduce stress and anxiety, which could improve sexual performance. A significant amount of erectile dysfunction and sexual performance issues are linked to stress and anxiety.

Researchers have observed these effects in certain studies. In this study published in 2012, for example, 64 subjects with a medical history of chronic stress took one capsule of ashwagandha with a concentration of 300mg, twice a day for 60 days. Researchers found that the group taking ashwagandha had reduced stress and anxiety levels.

Rhodiola Rosea is another popular herbal extract found in many of the male sexual enhancement supplements listed above. Does this simple herb really boost sexual function in men? In 2011, researchers attempted to summarize the benefits of Rhodiola by looking at all available studies to date. Researchers concluded that Rhodiola is linked to improved physical performance, increased mental performance, and reduced mental fatigue. In another study, Rhodiola was shown to alleviate depression and its symptoms. All of these benefits could significantly boost sexual performance in men.

If you want to widen blood vessels quickly and improve blood flow, then beetroot is a great place to start. Beetroot contains high levels of the compounds your body needs to produce nitric oxide, which means it widens blood vessels and improves male sexual performance. Beetroot widens blood vessels, improves athletic performance, raises energy, and lowers blood pressure. All of these effects can significantly impact blood flow, which can significantly improve sexual performance in men.

Horny goat weed is found in many of the supplements listed above. But what exactly is horny goat weed and how does it work? Horny goat weed is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat osteoporosis, hay fever, and yes, erectile dysfunction – hence the name ‘horny’ goat weed.

Does modern medicine support the use of horny goat weed for erectile dysfunction? Absolutely. As explains, “horny goat weed contains chemicals which might help increase blood flow and improve sexual function.” also claims that horny goat weed is generally safe when used as directed. In other words, horny goat weed seems to have a proven ability to boost sexual performance in men.

What about gingko biloba? the popular herbal extract has a proven ability to dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow. As seen in this study from 2008, gingko biloba can boost nitric oxide production, widen blood vessels, and promote blood flow to the penis. That means improved sexual performance and harder erections.

We also see male enhancement supplements with panax ginseng, which is another herbal extract that could be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. In 2008, researchers analyzed all existing research on panax ginseng to date and found that ginseng could effectively treat ED due to the presence of ginsenosides. More recent studies have linked panax ginseng to improved circulation and lung function, both of which are crucial for improving erectile function.

Yohimbine is an herbal extract used for centuries to treat low libido and erectile dysfunction in men. This study from 2002 suggested that yohimbine was an effective treatment for libido and organic erectile dysfunction in men.

Finally, let’s talk about DHEA, which has become a trendy way to treat erectile dysfunction in recent years online. DHEA is a natural hormone produced by your body. After being produced, it can turn into testosterone or estrogen. Researchers have found that men with erectile dysfunction have lower levels of DHEA compared to men without erectile dysfunction. To test this link further, one team of researchers in 1999 gave men 50mg of DHEA per day. The men reported that it was easy to get and maintain an erection after taking the DHEA.

Side Effects of Male Enhancement Supplements

Male enhancers are just that: they’re supplements, not drugs. That means you can take them without a prescription. You can order as many as you want and take them as directed to enjoy sexual performance benefits.

With that in mind, the vast majority of people will take male enhancement pills and experience no side effects whatsoever. In virtually all studies to date, male enlargement pills are well-tolerated.

However, that doesn’t mean all supplements are free of all side effects.

Many of the supplements that claim to boost testosterone, for example, are also linked with increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Testosterone boosters can increase the risk of heart disease and similar cardiovascular issues, especially when taken at high dosages. This is more common in powerful testosterone boosters (like anabolic steroids) and not herbal extracts, although it’s something to be aware of.

Up above, we mentioned that potassium can be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Too much potassium, however, can cause burning and tingling, weakness, mental disorientation, paralysis, blood pressure problems, irregular heartbeats, and even death. You need to take a significant amount of potassium to experience any of these effects.

Omega-3 fatty acids, meanwhile, can cause high blood sugar, low blood pressure, heartburn, diarrhea, bleeding, and vitamin A toxicity, among other side effects, although only in rare cases.

Maca is not always safe for those with hormonal sensitive conditions, including anyone with cancer that is affecting their sexual organs or women who are pregnant.

Ashwagandha can cause stomach issues in some people, including vomiting and diarrhea.

Rhodiola has been linked with rare cases of blood pressure problems, chest pain, insomnia, and other issues.

Beetroot can cause your urine and stool to appear pink or red. This is a natural function of the compounds within beetroot and is nothing to be worried about.

Ginkgo biloba may react negatively with certain medications, including blood thinners, NSAIDs, and SSRIs, among others.

DHEA can impact sex hormones and cause various hormone-related issues, although only when taken in high dosages for long periods of time. Common symptoms include oily skin, increased or reduced hair growth, and acne.

Finally, some individuals react negatively to panax ginseng. They have trouble sleeping after taking the herbal extract, for example, or experience higher blood pressure levels.

Recommended Dosage of Male Enhancement Pills

The male enhancement supplements listed above have dozens of different ingredients, and the recommended dosage varies from ingredient to ingredient.

Generally, however, you’ll want to follow the recommended dosage on your male boosters. If the supplement recommends that you take two pills per day, for example, then you should take two pills per day.

As far as individual ingredient dosages go, certain studies have shown that certain ingredients are more effective at specific levels.

Research has shown that potassium works best when taking 3,500 to 5,000mg per day.

Omega-3 fatty acid dosages vary by health concern, although most experts recommend taking between 200 and 4,000mg per day.

L-citrulline can be taken before a workout or for general cardiovascular health improvement. When taken for general purposes, it’s recommended that you take 1,000mg of citrulline three times per day for a total daily dose of 3,000mg.

Most maca supplements, meanwhile, come with a recommended dose of 1.5 to 5g per day, and this is the dose reinforced by most studies linked above.

Ashwagandha can be taken in doses of 300 to 500mg per day. It’s currently unclear if higher doses can lead to greater cardiovascular benefits.

Rhodiola has been reported effective in doses as low as 50mg, although other studies have used doses as high as 700mg with few reported side effects.

Beetroot is one of the most proven ingredients on the list above due to its high levels of nitrate. Studies have shown that an average person should take 0.1 to 0.2 mmol/kg, or 6.4 to 12.8mg/kg of nitrate. If you’re 150lb, then you should take about 436mg of nitrate, which is equivalent to about 500g of beetroots by wet weight.

DHEA is typically taken in doses of 25 to 50mg. Studies have indicated that DHEA is safe to take at this dosage for up to two years.

A typical panax ginseng dosage is around 200 to 400mg per day. You should only take ginseng for 6 to 8 weeks.

FAQs About Male Enhancing Supplements

We get plenty of questions about men's sexual enhancement supplements every day. We’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

Q: What is erectile dysfunction?

A: Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.

Q: What causes erectile dysfunction?

A: The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Other causes of erectile dysfunction can include metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, tobacco usage, alcoholism, Peyronie’s disease, sleep disorders, enlarged prostate, surgeries affecting the pelvic area or spinal cord, or use of certain prescription medications.

Q: Should I be worried about erectile dysfunction?

A: Occasional erectile dysfunction isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. It happens to everyone sometimes for various reasons. However, persistent erectile dysfunction could be a sign of an ongoing issue or health concern.

Q: Can male enhancement supplements really increase the length of my penis?

A: No. Well, at least they cannot permanently increase the length of your penis. There are certain physical methods that some people use to slightly increase the length (say by squeezing, stretching, or ‘jelqing’ it). However, there are no supplements with any proven ability to increase the length. If a supplement claims to give you a permanently longer penis, then you’re probably being scammed.

Q: Can booster supplements really make me harder?

A: Your ‘hardness’ is just a measure of how much blood is flowing through your penis. Many of the supplements listed above improve your hardness simply by improving your blood flow. By widening your blood vessels, for example, blood can flow to your penis more easily, making your erections harder.

Q: Can supplements cure erectile dysfunction?

A: It’s illegal for supplements to market themselves as a ‘cure’ for any condition. However, some supplements may reduce your chances of erectile dysfunction. If you have erectile dysfunction because of blood flow issues, for example, then a supplement may be able to help. Of course, many men have ED because of confidence issues or nervousness. If you believe a supplement is going to help, then it might help even if it’s not affecting your body physically. Of course, other men get ED for medical reasons, in which case a supplement is unlikely going to help.

Q: How do these supplements compare to Viagra?

A: Viagra is a prescription medication that widens your blood vessels, making it easier to get an erection and maintain that erection. Some of the supplements above try to replicate the effects of Viagra by working as vasodilators (widening your blood vessels). The effects aren’t typically as powerful as Viagra, but on the other hand, you can avoid the negative side effects of Viagra.

Q: How long does it take for male enhancement supplements to kick in?

A: Supplements should take somewhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to take effect, depending on how quickly your body absorbs the active ingredients. The effects can last anywhere between 2 hours and 24 hours. Some of the supplements above claim to work for 3 or 4 days at a time, although there’s no real evidence to support that claim.

Q: Does fish oil help with erectile dysfunction?

A: Certain studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil can improve cardiovascular health and lower triglycerides, both of which can improve sexual function. Some studies have also shown that fish oil boosts dopamine production, reducing the risk of depression. All of these effects can enhance your libido.

Q: Which vitamins should I take to improve sexual performance?

A: Certain vitamins are associated with better sexual function. Vitamin B12 (folic acid), for example, has shown in several studies that it can improve sexual performance.

Q: Will the supplements above help me last longer in bed?

A: The supplements above are generally designed to improve circulation and make it easier to get harder better-quality erections. Most supplements above are not designed to help you last longer in bed.

Q: How long does the average man last in bed?

A: The average man lasts 4 to 11 minutes in bed, with the median time being approximately 6 minutes. Anyone lasting longer than 21 minutes is considered an outlier.

Q: Does erectile dysfunction go away naturally?

A: It depends on the cause. Approximately 50% of men with erectile dysfunction have high blood pressure, and high blood pressure won’t disappear naturally without significant diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Final Word

Good sex is important. The supplements above may be able to improve sexual performance in various ways.

Better yet, many of the supplements use natural herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Instead of relying on pharmaceutical drugs formulated in a lab, you can use male sexual enhancement supplements that have few reported side effects.

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